Does CBD Help With Sleep Aid And Stress Relief?

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For hundreds of years, people have been using CBD plant for recreational and medical reasons. It has compounds called cannabinoids that affect the human brain and offer relief in many issues associated with it. The CBD or cannabidiol has plenty of these compounds.

According to, a well-known brand offering many CBD products for a variety of applications, CBD helps not only in sleep aid but also in anxiety, pain relief, and seizure reduction. Scientists also agree with most of these points. Here is what they have to say about CBD and its impact on one’s sleep cycle.

CBD and Sleep Aid:

The last twenty years have been revolutionary for the CBD industry. More and more people started talking and writing about its benefits, which led scientists to conduct multiple research studies to find out whether claims about CBD’s impacts on sleep quality were valid or not. Eventually, all those studies concluded that high doses of CBD supported sound sleep.

One of those studies found that when patients consumed 160 mg CBD as compared with placebo, they had a better sleep experience. Placebo is a widely prescribed medication to improve sleep quality.

Often, cortisol — the stress hormone released in human bodies affects those who have insomnia and leads to anxiety attacks, overthinking, or unnecessary tension. People who wake up many times at night are considered to have a high cortisol level. One of the research studies conducted recently found out that those patients who took 300-600 mg of CBD oil experienced an instant reduction in their cortisol level and slept well for longer durations.

So, if you struggle to sleep peacefully and often get anxiety attacks or feel stressed at night, discuss it with an expert doctor and ask them if you can use CBD oil for the same. Depending on the prescription given to you, start consuming it to see great results. You can also try out different products available on The Alchempist to amplify the positive results you are getting at present.

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